Magic and Mystery in Tibet - Alexandra David-Neel

Magic and Mystery in Tibet - Alexandra David-Neel

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Condition: University Books New York 1965 edition. Fair to good hardback. Dust jacket is nicked and marginal pieces missing. Some shelf wear to cover. Otherwise book itself is in good condition with all 320 pages secure.

"Magic and Mystery in Tibet tells the story of her experiences in Tibet, among lamas and magicians. It is neither a travel book nor an autobiography but a study of psychic discovery, a description of the occult and mystical theories and psychic training practices of Tibet. She tells of great sages and sorcerers that she met; of the system of monastic education; the great teachers and their disciples; Tibetan folklore about their spiritual athletes; reincarnation and memory from previous lives; elaborate magical rites to obtain siddhis; the horrible necromantic magic of the pre-Buddhist Bonpa shamas; mental visualization exercises to create disembodied thought forms (tulpas); visions; phenomena of physical yoga, control of the body heat mechanism; breathing exercises; sending “messages on the wind”; and much similar material." ~ extract from Goodreads.

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