About Us

About Us:
We are based in Hermanus, South Africa. We have been trading since 2013 (from some crates on a verandah, then two shelves in a coffee shop, then 14mSq, then 36mSq, then 100mSq, now also via the Aethernet globally, which is 39940653000m Round. Apparently.) You are welcome in our brick 'n mortar store - it is sometimes a Sanctuary of calm crazy. (Unlike the planet, which is just plain crazy. Especially recently.) We have more than 12 000 titles & are building the online store every day.

About Our Books:
We do not purchase our books in bulk, remaindered lots or from the public. All our purchases benefit others in need, especially animals. We hand-select every single book, clean it, repair it neatly if necessary & cover certain titles & formats in cellophane.

The Generous Pawtions Project
Just along the road from us a while, 5 minutes past Stanford, there are tigers. There are also leopards, lions, tufted-eared Rooikatte (Caracals) and cheetahs. We consider cats of all sizes close members of our true family, and the soul of our bookshop shines for their sake. The PAW project runs alongside our business, receiving book donations from the public. Donated books are coded and PAW-marked with a small sticker on their spines. The Generous Pawtion of the retail we sell these books at is donated to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary; a small pawtion is retained to help with the costs of running the project. To learn more about the Cat Santuary, visit https://pantheraafrica.com/

About Our Condition Notes:
These are found at the bottom of every webpage. We describe as thoroughly as possible. We do not sell books that are broken, mouldy or incomplete. In cases of rare books, antiquarian titles or certain authors (eg Alan Watts, Terry Pratchett) we might offer poorer condition copies, but major flaws will be indicated.