Terms & Conditions

Retailer & Consumer Ethics
All books are "invisibly consumable," even more so when they are already used.  Depending on their condition, they might leave our shop looking already read. We sell our books online trusting our customers to respect that it is neither ethical nor honest for consumers to read, scan, photograph or otherwise copy their purchased books & then return them to us with some excuse or other & expect a refund. We treat our customers with professionalism & scrupulous honesty; we trust in receiving the same treatment in return - but if we don't, Universal Law is all-seeing & incorruptible.

Returns of online purchases - within South Africa
Any request for such a return must take place within 7 days of delivery, & start with an email to duanesteffens@gmail.com stating the reason. Please also provide proof of purchase. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be processed.

a) If we sent you entirely the wrong book in error (eg you ordered Susskind's "Perfume" & we sent you Burton's 'Perfumed Garden") we will, upon receipt of the item, refund the cost of it & all postage/packing (including that needed for its return.) However, please do note that the item must return to us in the same condition in which it left us.

b) If no error was made by us (& you still feel you want to return something, that you ordered, yourself, which we sent you, correctly) then within 7 days of delivery please contact us, stating the reason for the return. In this case, the following conditions apply in order to be considered for a refund:

  • In terms of the ECT Act of 2002, all packaging & return postage are for your account.
  • The package must arrive here (we recommend using a reliable & trackable carrier, as we cannot refund anything that we do not receive.)
  • The book/s must be in the same physical condition that they left our store in (see Retailer & Consumer Ethics, above.)
  • After the 7 day period, we are no longer obliged to accept any returns.
Returns of online purchases - outside of South Africa

Within 7 days of delivery, please contact us immediately to discuss logistics.
The same terms apply, as listed in a) and b) above.

Refunds for returned online purchases
If your return meets all the conditions, we will contact you to get your bank details so we can process your refund by EFT.

  • Packaging depends on the size of the shipment but there will be significant bubble-wrap & heavier books receive sensible extra care.
  • Postnet to Postnet takes 1 - 3 working days depending on distance travelled. We post on Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid stock getting stuck on weekends in random warehouses. Remember - your ID will be needed to collect your parcel.

Specific Postal Requirements
Should you wish to use your own courier or any other method, please contact us to arrange details.

Collections from our bookshop
We reserve the right to ask proof of ID & contact telephone number from persons collecting parcels from our shop on a purchaser's behalf. Proof of purchase is required for all collections.

Spam & Your Privacy

  • We will never send unsolicited communications that do not deal directly with a standing order.
  • We have done everything within our knowledge & power to ensure that our e-commerce site (Shopify) & our paygate (PayFast) are secure & will not spam you either. If you experience them contacting you unnecessarily please let us know & also freely bollock them (we will too.) If you object to the term "to bollock," please replace it with the term of your choice which means "to bollock."