Big Cats of Mala Mala - Roger & Pat de la Harpe, Heather Dugmore

Big Cats of Mala Mala - Roger & Pat de la Harpe, Heather Dugmore

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Condition: Sunbird 2001 edition. Near mint hardcover. There is no visible wear, dust jacket and book are in pristine condition, no markings or blemishes. Pages are clean, vibrant and secure. Corners and sides are unaffected by wear or bumps. Folio size hardback, extra postage might be required.

" ... Roger's love of these wild cats comes through in the stunning photography, and in the chatty and very informative text, which details Mala Mala's hunting and conservation background in the lowveld, and provides a fascinating look at African folklore surrounding the cats. Also included is a profile of each species as well as some very interesting points on some of the individuals and families he photographed at Mala Mala. This book will appeal to anyone with a passing interest in wildlife, particularly those interested in African cats, both local and tourist alike. Definitely not your average pretty picture book -- there are shots that have to be seen to be believed.A lion cub eating a buffalo from the inside, cheetah attacking a full grown hyena and lots more besides!" ~ Goodreads.

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