Crossing the Sands - Wilfred Thesiger

Crossing the Sands - Wilfred Thesiger

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Condition: Motivate Publishing 2006 reprint. Near mint hardback. 176 pages. Covered with protective plastic, contains foldout map on back endpapers. Only slight scuffing to rear of jacket, otherwise no other signs of wear.

"Wilfred Thesiger describes his journeys in the Empty Quarter and the Arabian Peninula during the late forties. At that time few Europeans travelled in those areas and occasionally their presence was not welcome. From these journeys he emerged with a great respect for the Bedu who were his travelling companions. His writing style is masterly as he describes his journeys in a plain language which is at the same time eloquent. He shows a great understanding of and a fondness for the Bedu people and their now vanished way of life.

Theiseger is also a photographer of exceptional ability and this volume contains a large number of the photographs he took on his expeditions. These and the text create a stunning picture of the land and its peoples. The author is considered the last of the great explorers and this book is an exquisite record charting his memorable adventures with travelling companions bin Kabina and bin Ghabaisha across the Arabian Empty Quarter. He was a skilled photographer and was unique among travel writers of the past in having had the opportunity to take photographs that complement his formidable writing." ~ Google books.


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