Cypry - Peter Mohan

Cypry - Peter Mohan

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Condition: Pelham 1973 first edition. Very good hardback. Dust jacket intact and vibrant. Some expected age wear to book, light foxing spots on top edge and marginal discoloration at bottom of cover. 

"This fascinating book traces the life story of a carp from conception until it reaches record size, recounting the numerous adventures and discoveries mad by the fish as it moves round the dark, quiet lake in which it lives. Running parallel with the carp's development is the story of a young angler, who watched the exciting spawning of the carp, and spends much of his time observing and trying to catch Cypry, the shoal leader conceived that day. 

The history of the lake - including a chapter on the monks who once lived beside it - is carefully woven into the story, along with detailed descriptions of the activities of many other creatures which exist in and around the beautiful stretch of water. 

The author, who spent more than twelve thousand hours fishing for carp in similar lakes all over the country over a period of twenty-five years, has had a unique opportunity for Nature observation. Carp fishing demands silence, immobility and solitude. 

This book, however, is not primarily about fishing, but is a story of the countryside and its wild inhabitants, in all moods and weathers. It makes absorbing reading for all lovers of nature and wild creatures, weather they be anglers or not." ~ Taken from Cypry.

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