The Okavango River (numbered) - Charles Andersson

The Okavango River (numbered) - Charles Andersson

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Condition: Struik 1968 numbered (559/750) facsimile reprint. Very good hardback with a very good dust jacket. 371 pages. A slight stain on paper jacket on the back, some light foxing on the back and front endpapers edges. The copy remains in excellent condition for its age, well bound with all the pages present, unmarred and secure. 

"Andersson intended to explore these countries right up to the Cunene or Nourse River, but the difficulties of the expedition, though encountered with indomitable courage, proved to be insuperable, and he had to turn back. He obtained, however, much valuable information, and his success as a hunter and collector was unique in this part of the continent. The coast-line of South-West Africa is carefully described, and there is an interesting account of the once-famed guano island, Ichaboe." ~ back of book cover. 

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