Utopia or Oblivion - Buckminster Fuller

Utopia or Oblivion - Buckminster Fuller

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Condition: Pelican 1972 edition. Fair to good paperback. Slight age wear on the sides of the covers, spine and pages are secure.

"'How to Maintain Man as a Success in Universe', 'The Music of the New Life', the 'Keynote Address at Vision 65' - these are some of te titles in this collection of twelve essays by R. Buckminster Fuller, the controversial American designer. 

Jocular and irreverent as always, Buckminster Fuller here overturns the nostrums of straw-headed engineers and myopic ecologist and 'thinks aloud' about such topics as 'world-around' telecommunications, geodesic domes for the Arctic, the recovery of used metals, and 'tooling up' for the leap into the twenty-first century. Each essay illuminates his basic conviction that Utopia can be attained, and ecological disasters forestalled, by imaginative and fearless use of our most modern technical discoveries. The collection as a whole, which is introduced by Stephen Mullin, highlights the dynamic imagination of one of the most outrageous and successful of modern technologist."

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